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Exciting retro action and a homage to very old games, re-vamped for modern systems.

Couch multiplayer for up to four players on one screen (and one keyboard, if no extra controllers are available)!

Features bots, hone your skills when no-one wants to play ):

The future is now, so why not take a holiday to the past?

Asteroid Deathmatch is a homage to very old games, re-vamped for modern systems.

Including procedurally generated star systems, AI opponents, controller re-mapping and a gravity system, it's a new way to experience old ideas.


Asteroid Deathmatch is currently in-development by Eager Amoeba® and will be released the 31st of January 2019, add it to your Steam wishlist here.

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Will this game have online multiplayer?

Unfortunately no. Asteroid Deathmatch is a small and cheap game originally developed to stress-test our coding assets, we decided to polish and release it as we want to see if the gaming community responds to the concept.

While we'd love to add online multiplayer, the development time and server costs are not insignificant. Maybe we'll add it if there's a sequel, who knows?

How does 4-players on one keyboard work?

By default the keyboard layout allows for 4 players on one keyboard by placing each player on a different section of the keyboard:

  • P1 - Arrow Keys, Right Ctrl and Space
  • P2 - WASD, Left Ctrl, Left Alt
  • P3 - Numpad Arrow Keys, Numpad 0, Numpad Enter
  • P4 - I J K L, 0, 8

It'll be cramped, but fun!

I have Epilepsy, can I play this game? / The flashes are annoying, can they be turned off?

Yes you can!

In the main menu go to the 'Graphics' menu, then make sure 'Flashing Lights' is set to 'OFF'.

This will stop the background flashing white when a ship dies.

I've found a bug, what do I do?

Report it!

We've created a thread in the Steam community hub for this.

Please read the instructions in that thread carefully, posts that don't provide enough information in the proper format will be ignored.

Known Issues & Fixes

These can be found on the Steam community hub thread.